Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Virtual "Cookie" Exchange Blog Hop

I tried to pretend that my friend Kerry Schafer had not asked if I wanted to participate in the Virtual Cookie Exchange Blog Hop.

I had a legitimate excuse. She asked just before Thanksgiving so I was busy... and stuff. But I have a hard time saying no to friends. So although I will be very liberal with my interpretation of the word Cookie (I'm a writer, I'm allowed to do that), I am providing a recipe from my vaults -- my secret sauce if you will.

Here we go!

(1) Get a spoon

(2) Fill spoon with Nutella

(3) Get an espresso cup

(4) Fill espresso cup with two shots of premium coffee (notice the handsome crema)

(5) Get spoonful of Nutella and deposit gold into espresso cup

(6) Get a whisk and mix gently, trying not to destroy the crema

(7) Voila, you have a double espresso infused with Nutella.

Consume liberally. Enjoy life.

This is where I'm supposed to nominate five people. I'd like to embarrass the five who I asked because they all chickened out. But I am a bigger person than that. Instead, they will contract a horrible disease in my next book.

Fight the good fight!
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