Monday, February 9, 2015

Cover Reveal : MISSING PIECES by Meredith Tate

It's (almost) here!

Meredith Tate's debut new adult novel, Missing Pieces from Simon & Schuster is nearly here. But while I impatiently wait (is it March 3rd yet?), I am honored to be among the first to reveal the cover. And what a cover it is. Powerful in its simplicity yet full of depth and beautiful colors that pull you in.

Do yourself a favor and read the summary below, then follow the author. You'll quickly find this is one book you'll want to pre-order. Go ahead. Thank me later ;)

“Your family is the most important part of your life. Your families are the people you love, and love is what separates us from scoundrels and criminals. It maintains order. Your parents, your sibling, and your Partner are the ones you love. There should never, ever, be anyone else who comes close to that bond. You have only one best friend, and that is the person you’ll be marrying some day. We must learn to differentiate the relationships in our lives: the people we love, and the ones we don’t. It’s inappropriate, it’s foolish, and it’s forbidden to think otherwise.”

Trace Bailey’s mouth is her worst enemy—somehow it always gets her in trouble. Luckily, she has a partner in crime—her best friend and neighbor since age seven, Piren Allston. He can’t get enough of her crazy sense of humor, and she loves that he’s always up for another adventure.

They can’t be friends, though, not in their world. Trace and Piren were Assigned to other people at the age of six, and they’re supposed to marry their Partners when they turn twenty-four. Failure to comply leads to Banishment, a fate worse than death.

Worse still is the growing realization that their bond is stronger than just friendship.

In a world without freedom, there are still choices to be made. Following their hearts means losing their family, but following the law means losing each other.

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Author Bio
A proud New Hampshire native, Meredith Tate lives in St. Louis with her husband. She loves reading and writing in all genres, but has a soft spot for dark young adult and new adult speculative fiction. Meredith has a master's degree in social work from the University of New Hampshire. She is a contributor to the St. Louis Writer's Guild's "Write Pack Radio Show" every Sunday afternoon. When she’s not writing, Meredith enjoys traveling, playing the piano, befriending wild geese, and spending time with family and friends. Much like her characters, she’s always up for another adventure.

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Marriage of Nutella and Ara

An epic announcement on World Nutella Day!

As you may know by now, I am a big Nutella fan. I don't mean I'm big, as in large, although I could stand to lose an ounce or two. What I do mean is that I love Nutella.

So it should come as no surprise that Nutella makes an appearance in my debut novel, Game of Love in a scene where Gemma, a world-class athlete, decides to indulge and share a Nutella croissant with Andre. This is symbolic of freedom from her old way of being.

Unfortunately, there was some concern over the use of a brand name. After all, I don't want to be sued, much less by my favorite brand! Although the product is shown in positive light (I mean after all, it is the symbol for freedom) I decided to contact Nutella's parent company, Ferrero USA and ask for permission to use their brand.

Let's level set here: I am a nobody. So why would they even bother to respond? Well, they did.

I am elated to announce that the good people at Ferrero have given me permission to use their brand in my novel! So on this, World Nutella Day, I am announcing a marriage between my favorite product and my debut novel, Game of Love. I will be forever tied to Nutella.

So, enjoy some Nutella, subscribe to my blog (right there to your right), add Game of Love to your Goodreads bookshelf and when you read my novel on May 4th, go ahead and consume liberal amounts of Nutella.

Coming soon: Cover reveal and Amazon Pre-Order!

Fight the good fight!
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