Tuesday, October 12, 2010

She Cried!

Okay, I realize that it's so uncool to make your wife cry, but, I am out of my mind excited. My novel made her cry. She read through all 90,000 words and the things she said I will hold on to forever. "I love it... I really, really love it... what a great story.... the dialogues... the characters... I couldn't put it down..."

She went to bed early because she said she was overwhelmed and needed to wind down.

Even if I never sell one copy of this book, these months of work have paid off. I gave my wife a story that she loved. I am in heaven!

I realize I've skipped a whole bunch of stuff... but the reason why I started blogging again, was because I finished my 2nd draft and had time to look back as my wife read my manuscript...

Happiness is a spouse that cries over your story :)

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