Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's a Great Day!

It's raining in LA... and that should be enough for us sun-worshipers to be depressed... maybe even mildly insane. But not me... things feel right.

I made pancakes for the family...

Drank an espresso while I slaved over the range...

Served the creation... with Nutella :)

Had a latte... I was nearly certain that I had skipped coffee ;)

Yes, the twin towers -- before LA, we lived in NY for a year

Only the best espresso beans will do!

Illy brand coffee... Don't cheap out!

Watched the not-so-LA-type weather...

For those in Syberia, this may not seem like much... but it is!

Cuddled up with one of my cats... That's Leo... Pete was taking a cat-nap (or do they call it just a nap)... not sure...

And got ready to read my final revision of ACES before I send it off to the Proof Reader

Scrivener's export to eBook format... LOVE IT!

Yes. You heard me right... we're hitting the proof reader next. The Great Michael Levin and I are in agreement that my novel Aces is ready! It's a bit odd. When someone like Michael--who has written 90 books, and has helped thousands of aspiring novelists--tells you we're ready to hit the agents, the feeling is a bit unreal... like an out of body experience. How can I get that stupid grin of my face? My kids are getting scared of me!

If all goes to plan, my manuscript will be with the proofreader on Monday. Two to three weeks and I'm ready to find that one agent that will partner up with me to bring the characters and the story to life... But I'm jumping the gun. Oh! Here's Leo again... he wants me to give him some love... how can I say no?

Fight the good fight... because it's worth the fight!

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