Monday, February 21, 2011

I am NOT looking for permission

Are you?

Someone asked me why my twitter & email usernames are "araTHEwriter"

It was the "THE" that caught their eye. I could have said that it was there to break up the three words so that it's easier to read and parse my name from the username.

I could have said that I have an alter-ego: my business-man side. That's the technologist Ara, who works in the entertainment industry. I suppose there could be "araTHEbusinessMAN"... don't search for it. No such name exists.

But the truth is, my username is a declaration.

I AM a writer. I want it to be clear that I am not waiting for some magical event, or external confirmation. I am a writer. Always have been, but didn't do much about it until about a 18 months ago.

I tittered on the edge. Never committing, always riding that fence. Have you noticed that when you lean on that fence too long, your butt starts hurting? That's where I was.

When I started to work on the craft -- learn, practice, and write -- magic happened. In a period of ten months, on a schedule of three to four hours a night, I've written two novels. If I didn't believe that I was a writer, I would still be working on the outline. I would be stuck. Second guessing every plot twist, and character arc.

Commitment is about being on the court--wanting that ball when the seconds are ticking away. Putting yourself on the line, because you know that the joy of life is realized when you play the game, not just watch it.

Do not be a spectator in game called "Your Life."

Let me say this another way -- do you really need some external validation, to know that you're a good person, a smart person, or happy? Really? Didn't think so.

I work 60 hour weeks. Yet, every night, after our kids are fast asleep, I find a few hours to write. Every night. No exceptions.

Writing is not work. It's joy. Is breathing work? Is laughing work? Is loving work?

Love what you do, do what you love, but above all, take pride in what you do. When you respect your craft, others will also.

Fight the good fight.


  1. This is excellent! You do not need permission to be a writer anymore than you need permission to be happy. I like that you are declaring what you are and what you do!

  2. Melissa, thank you for visiting and your comment. It all starts when we speak things into reality. By the way, you have an excellent blog!

  3. If you put words on paper, you are a writer. A mutual friend of ours taught me that when I felt declaring myself a writer was misleading. You have a great attitude towards the craft; it is highly inspiring!

  4. Paul, thanks for the comment. By the way, I LOVE what you've done to help promote the word on JM's novel. I hope you know that you're also a rockstar. Generosity is the most powerful gift, and it's free. Thanks again.


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