Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gravity and the Magic of Writing

"Gravity cannot be held responsible for people falling in love." -- Albert Einstein

Albert, my friend, I think you may be wrong.

The universe is tethered to our galaxy. Our galaxy to our sun. Our sun to our planet. Our moon to our planet. Our planet to the people, and the people to each other.

Grand Universe by ANTIFAN-REAL --

The force that binds the heavenly bodies is gravity.

What do we call the force that binds people together? Humanity? God? Love?

The connection is an orchestration of the kind that we may never properly understand.

I don't know what does the magic -- but the magic is real. And this magic goes far beyond connecting the obvious: people, nature, the oceans, the animals, ...

Think of a song that transports you in both time and place. A song that you heard twenty years ago in a place thousands of miles away. And in one instant, that tether is there, reminding you of the connection that was established so many years ago.

Think of your favorite novel. What tethers you to that book? Was it the story? The character? Or one obscure little line that forever altered your world?

Those of us who have elected to sink deep into the magic called writing, we realize that it really is magic. What else can we call it when one line sticks to you, latches on to you forever. What do you call it when words that were generated in my mind's eye are transferred to you, and you see the same thing--you experience the same vision? And years later when you think you've forgotten all about it, it hasn't forgotten you. For when you least expect it, that magic, that gravitiational pull will pop up.

I don't know what we call this force, but maybe it is gravity. And if it is gravity -- a form of it that we can't measure or test, yet -- then maybe gravity has a role in love as well. Maybe it can't be held responsible for falling in love... but maybe it can be held responsible for remembering, holding on to and not giving up on that love.

What made you love that song, that book, that person?

"Love lingers." -- Michael Koryta, The Cypress House


  1. Wow, love your ideas and your way with words in this post! There is definitely magic in writing and in conveying a world, an idea, a character from one mind to another.

    And your ideas of gravity and love make me think of -- as above, so below.

  2. Susan - Thank you! You are very very kind. I love your line.. "as above, so below."

  3. That line isn't original to me. I learned it from studying alchemy for an editorial I was doing on JK Rowling's work, though it may originate from another place. It was supposedly in the Emerald Tablet, which contained knowledge for creating the Philosopher's Stone.

    As above, so below means that what is true in the macrocosm will be true in the microcosm -- which is exactly what your post made me think of!


  4. Of course! I should have made that connection. The great JKR. I wonder if she'll follow me on Twitter :)


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