Thursday, September 24, 2015

#ThrowbackThursday - FOUR YEARS AGO

Four years ago today...

I was printing out copies of a fledgeling manuscript that at the time was named "Aces."

I was about to share pages from my first complete novel.

I was preparing my luggage.

I was rechecking my hotel reservations at the Newport Beach Hyatt.

I was nervous.

I wanted to cancel my registration.

I was about to attend my very first writers' conference.

I questioned my sanity.

I wanted to be a writer.

I had promised my wife and kids that I can achieve my dream.


I am double checking the presentation slides for the two workshops I plan to give.

I am preparing for my speech on Sunday as the Special Guest Speaker.

I am packing my luggage.

I am rechecking my hotel reservations.

I am excited.

I am grateful for all the writing community and book lovers have done for my career and my novel.

I question my sanity.

I am an award-winning author.

I have a bestselling book.

I am invited regularly to speak at author events.

I want to always improve and evolve as a writer.

I want to make my wife and kids proud.

I am the luckiest person alive.


Is full of possibility and magic.

Fight the good fight!


  1. Awesome, Ara! Have a great time. :-)

  2. Loved to hear good praise of veterans from you also. I admire the passion you have and the support you are offering for them. Hopefully your book will be success.

  3. Great! I want to visit your workshop if it's still possible. Wish you to prepare a good speech and make a good review of WritemyPapers . This information will be helpful for a lot of people. And please let us know about future workshops in advance.


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