Thursday, January 13, 2011

Can I Handle the Truth?

Have you noticed that when you want to avoid something, all things in life help you avoid it. Even if it's something you really should do, and can do, and must do. But when doubt creeps in, you get creative in how many ways you will avoid it. I am so good at it that I actually get sick. Not easy things like rapid heart-rate, dizziness, and migraines, but real stuff like sneezing, coughing, and the flu.

I've been told by my blog readers, friends, a best-selling author, debut authors, and various others to post Chapter 1 of Aces on my site. As can be expected, I suddenly got ill. Coincidence? Me thinks no!

I've been avoiding this for some reason. And I guess it's a simple reason -- once it's out there, I will get opinions of strangers. It's true, people that I have not met, written to, or twitted with.

The thing is that I've been a happy dance so far. Once it's posted, how will I handle the negative, or lukewarm views.

I suddenly had a vision of the scene from A Few Good Men -- you know, "You can't handle the truth!"

That's when it hit me: at one point, I will also get the opinion of strangers. Agents, editors, and eventually (positive thoughts) readers of the novel.

This was a cathartic moment for me. Similar to when I was in 6th grade and I realized that life in school still marches whether I'm there or not. Weird, right?

So can I handle the truth? I don't know, but so what. I haven't know a lot of things in my life, and they've turned out okay.

  • I didn't know if I could write a novel -- I did. I'm now 40,000 words into the second one
  • I didn't know if my wife, the person who after all these years I'm still trying to impress, would like it -- she loved it
  • I didn't know if others would like it -- they have
  • I don't know if you'll like it -- I hope you do. But I can't win everyone over. My charm and firm handshake can go so far :)

Here's the link (Read me!)

You can also go to THE Novel - Aces tab above...

Post comments, send me emails, talk to me telepathically (my brain is most receptive between midnight and 2 AM). If you like it, share it, tell me, and tell others. If you don't, I will spam your inbox ;)



  1. Ara, in my opinion the truth is that you are an outstanding writer. I read the first chapter you had posted and the action from the first sentence pulled me in. Just hang in there and don't let the "negative nancy's" tell you otherwise. :)

  2. Yo are fast becoming one of my best friends :) Can't tell you what your comments mean to me.

  3. I agree with Michael. Love the first chapter and always trust your spouse. My husband is the first to read my manuscripts, he loves me enough to tell me the truth and I trust his viewpoint because he reads extensively. Just go for it! Life is too short to have regrets and hold back on the things that give you pleasure. Best of luck Ara, hope 2011 is a special year for you!

  4. Now I have two new best friends! Linn, you are spot on about trusting my spouse. I've blogged about how she's crushed my ego when I've written crap. But, crap it was. And when she's cried, or laughed, I knew it was sincere. Thank you!


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