Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How I chose "her" name

I've been asked by a few followers, friends and my cats, how I chose the name "Gemma" for my heroine in Aces.

There are many theories... but there's only one truth. As your reward, you will know the truth. And one day, when I've sold Aces, and I invite all of you to the movie premiere (all y'all) you will have the insider information.

Let's start at the beginning. I have a day job. Okay, so that's not that exciting, but my day job is in the Entertainment Industry (Okay, that's not too exciting either, believe me). What that means is that we have a lot of coffee and a lot of one-sheets all over the place.

What? What's a one-sheet, you ask? Movie Posters. [That's "insider" lingo... you can be cool at the next party you go to].

Anywho.... As the idea for Aces was forming in my head, I was struggling with the name for my heroine. The hero -- Andre -- was immediate. Not sure why, it just was. But I struggled with this British tennis star's name. I had many options, none of them had the quality I was looking for. It needed to be special, like her.

So, there I was, preparing a cup of coffee...

Nice coffee machine, nice boy... and my eyes drifted off to a one-sheet in the hallway... (once again, that's a movie poster -- you really need to learn these terms before the premiere of the movie)

What? You can't see it too well?

How's this? Better?

And there it was! It was so obvious! So I -- What? You still don't get it?

Here you go. Look again!

That look in her eyes was exactly what I envisioned in the opening chapter of my novel when Andre and Gemma come face-to-face. You've read that part, right? What am I gonna do with you? Go now, and read Chapter 1 of Aces.

Okay, now with that scene in mind, look at her eyes again.

And what was this actress's name? I looked down. BAM!

Gemma Arterton. Gemma.

But what does that name mean? Would it be fitting?
courtesy of www.name-meanings.com

Gemma means "Gem." Of course it did... that is exactly how I imagined Andre thinking of her crystal blue eyes. It was meant to be. Come to me, my precious Gemma...

Now you know the whole story. But please remember to dress nicely for the premiere... What did you say? Okay fine, I need to sell the book first... well, actually, I need to get an agent first. Stop confusing me with facts!

Fight the good fight. It's worth it.


  1. Love it! You crack me up. I agree, the look in her eyes is perfect for that chapter one encounter.

    Can't wait for the premier. ;-)

  2. Gwen, I knew you'd appreciate this :)

  3. That's awesome. The actress Gemma is a very attractive woman too. I haven't seen her in anything else though aside from that flick with Jake.


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