Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Google's new e-Reader... Yes, one more!

Google announced that starting July 17th, Target will sell the iriver Story HD e-reader
...That's a mouthful! iriver may consider their competition when thinking up product names. Here's a hint: iPad, Kindle, Nook, etc... one word. It's easier.

In fact, this is the first e-reader integrated with the "open" Google ebooks platform. You don't say. Integrated is a good thing.

This means you can buy AND read Google eBooks. Man, Christmas came early this year.

Okay, enough sarcasm.... but seriously, is this what the consumer was asking for? Yet, one more e-reader? What is that now? Ten? Twenty? Who knows... and frankly, who cares?

I can't help but think that the proliferation of readers will have a backlash effect on the consumer.

If I buy a hard cover book, I don't have to worry that suddenly the paper that I'm holding will be obsolete. That my eyes will not be able to read the text on the paper.

It wasn't too long ago that the choice between Blu-ray and HD-DVD cause so much confusion in the market place that overall sales stagnated. The consumer waited to see what would happen.

I have an iPad. I buy both iBooks and Kindle books (via the Kindle app on the iPad). I would consider buying a Kindle since it's form-factor and screen make it a more desirable reading platform. But I haven't yet. I've purchased and read over two dozen iBooks, and four dozen kindle books. I need one more device like I need another adverb in my novels.

How do you feel about this? Is this just a yawn, or are you excited as a writer and reader?


  1. I don't have an e-reader at all, but I think if I ever gave in I'd wait until I had enough to spend on an iPad--then I could use it as more than just an e-reader.

    For now, I'm perfectly happy buying books. Call me traditional, but I still love the smell, the feel of holding a book in my hands and turning the pages. I even note the texture of the paper (they ARE different). It's those sort of things that an e-reader will never convey.

    However! As more and more indies release self-published novels I've definitely see the merit of having an e-reader so I can enjoy novels that haven't been published traditionally.

    It just won't be right at this moment.

  2. I completely agree with you Ava, which is why I went with the iPad (which ROCKS by the way!)

    I'm a bit odd (don't agree). I buy real books, I buy audio books (audible.com), and I buy ebooks. Sometimes, I'll have multiple versions of the same book. Paranormalcy I bought on audible, and when the hardcover went on sale I bought it again. I love the covers. I like my bookshelves filled with beautiful books.

    The back-list has received a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation with eBooks. And I'm all for that. Because new audiences get to purchase past works.

    Which leads to... how many more eReaders do we need. I honestly don't think the market will bare more than two formats.


  3. I greeted the Google announcement with a big "who cares?" Is access to Google books that big a deal? I wasn't using it anyway. I love my Nook, but lament that I can't read Kindle only titles from some of my friends on it. And I still have plenty of print books, though mostly gifts/freebies, used books, or library books.

    I too love to fill my shelves, but I'm constantly weeding them out for lack of space.

    An iPad would rock, but I'm not ready to spend the money. Maybe when I get my first advance. ;-) For me, the greatest benefit of an ereader is the ability to carry hundreds of titles on one small machine that's bigger than my iPhone, but smaller than my laptop. The next biggest bene is that it lays flat on the cross-trainer console so I never lose my page!

  4. Hi Gwen. I may have said those exact same words :) Or it could have been, "Dude, really?"

    Unless Google will have exclusive titles (I can't imagine that) then it's a useless addition to a very busy landscape of ereaders. Particularly when the google ebook reader app is already available on the iPad/iphone and Android devices. Boggles the mind.

    I'm going to open a bottle of California red and toast to your first of many, many advances :)


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