Thursday, July 28, 2011

Making Waves by Tawna Fenske

I don't know what it is about debut novels that make me giddy with anticipation.

Maybe because I get to stalk follow the authors on Twitter and live the excitement of the release vicariously. Or maybe it's because with a new author comes the expectation possibility that a new voice will keep me entertained for years to come. Or maybe, it's because I have a distinct appreciation for the Rookie.

It turns out that Tawna Fanske's unique sense of Twitter & blog humor has translated beautifully to her debut novel. Making Waves is a fantastic Romantic Comedy.

Full disclosure: I've always enjoyed Romantic Comedies (both novels and movies).

My wife will probably cringe if I admit that on my iPad I have both Notting Hill and Love Actually. She will probably warn me that it's odd behavior to watch those two movies every time I travel. Since she's right all the time sometimes I won't admit any of those.

I will admit, however, that Making Waves made me laugh, cring, smile and flush with embarassment.

Let me explain...

The characters are classic funny. The entire cast was crafted with an expert's scalpel. I do wish some of my friends in Hollywood would take a look at this novel and learn a thing or two about character development.

The dialogue is brilliant. I laughed more often than I should have, waking up my wife because I was giggling and snorting. The book is all fun. But the dialogues are examplary. Smart, witty, snappy.

And then there's the romance. Yes, it's a romantic comedy. So there will be romance. And Tawna delivers! At one point as I read a particularly steamy entertaining scene, my seven-year-old walked up to me and asked a question. I know I turned red. I was sure he'd find out what I was reading. Thankfully, I survived.

The hallmark of any good novel is characters that you fall for, dialogue that you believe and a story that moves the reader. Making Waves has all of that and more.

I was supposed to save this book for our little spa getaway this weekend. But waiting has never been my strong suite, and I'm glad I didn't. This book is a breath of fresh air when everything seems to be gloomy. This book reminds me of the sun, the beach, suntan lotion. I highly recommend Making Waves.

I love Tawna's style and look forward to her future novels.

By the way, I've been staring at our Battle Ship board game. You don't know what I mean? Pick up a copy of Making Waves to find out.

Fight the good fight!


  1. Awww, thank you so much for the wonderful review! I'm so excited to be able to read people's reactions to it. Thanks for sharing this!


  2. Tawna, thanks for stopping by. I feel special knowing the author has been here :) Continued success. I'm ready to pre-order your other books whenever the publisher is ready!


  3. Thanks, Michael. Yes, yes she does :)

  4. I love romantic comedy novels. Thanks for the heads up on this one. I'll have to check it out.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  5. Thanks for visiting, Raquel. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

  6. Yes, I was traveling when you posted this, ON the waves as a matter of fact. Sorry I missed it. Can't wait to read this one! Great review, Ara.

  7. Thanks, Gwen. My crystal ball tells me you will have the book soon... very soon, indeed :)


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