Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 20: NaNoWriMo 2012

On the 20th day, I took a one day break...

Not really.

I didn't write yesterday. I had planned to take it off. But let's be honest, is a writer really ever off-duty?

I spent the night with some friends and I picked their brains to help add details to my story. I am fortunate that I have a circle of friends who are professionals in various industries. Yesterday, I spoke to the attorneys. Asked them about injunctions, court procedures, feasibility of certain court decisions and more.

Why? Because I needed to make sure that the court ruling that I had in the story rang true. Although my story is not a courtroom story or a police proecedural, I want to make sure that I will not get browbeat over boneheaded "facts." The narrative needs to ring true and keep the reader firmly planted in the story world.

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I was not worried about the lack of upfront reasearch because I would write around it. However, when the opportunity is there, you have to jump all over it. Ask questions. Listen to real stories so that you can add elements of reality. Discussions like these have a tendency to add new material that you had not thought of.

On Friday, I will see my friend who is a sourgeon. He better be ready for me.

Fight the good fight!


  1. Hey,

    Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Day (off)

    And if you ever need experiences from an Oirish man "on his world tour" you know I got your back :)

    1. Aye, will keep you on me short list, I will. Happy Thanksgiving!


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