Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 9: NaNoWriMo 2012

The voice emerges...

I am at the mid-point in the story and I received another great surprise. I wasn't very productive on day 8 (in terms of word count). I wrote one scene, but a real good scene. Possibly my favorite.

The surprise was the voice of my protagonist and antagonist. They've evolved and have built a unique speech pattern. Even the selection of words and sentence structure seems to be true to who they should be.

Clearly, it's always best to have this up front, but my experience is that it rarely happens that way. It'll mean that when I revise the draft, I will have to rewrite the scenes with the evolved voice. But that's okay. I actually love revising and adding new scenes. It becomes a game. I look forward to how my characters respond to the original scenes or to new ones.

Day 9's total: 1,369
Overall: 22,380

Okay, back to the manuscript. I will officially start Day 10 of NaNoWriMo as soon as I've pressed "Publish" on the blog. Ready? Laters

Fight the good fight!


  1. Well done and nice job, my grey-haired friend.

    22k words in nine days... methinks you is going to just do it. :)

    1. Me thinks you rock! Thanks for encouraging me forward. I'm committed... to a mental asylum which is why I'm able to write so much :)


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