Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 26: NaNoRevMo 2012

Halfway through the revision...

It's been a rough couple of days. It's tough to go through the entire novel, make changes, corrections and see inconsistencies while you're exhausted.

Editing and revising require a focused eye. That is one thing that I am lacking right now. But I continue to remind myself that I only have a few more days to get this done. I can do this thing.

Half of the chapters have been revised. And I am inching my way to 60,000 words:

Day 26's total: 839
Overall: 54,421

I am not concerned with the relatively small daily total. Remember that during revisions, things will get cut and things will get added. In general I would expect the overall trend to be negative, but since I am interlacing a new sub-plot, the total word count will continue to inch up.

Let's do this.

Fight the good fight!

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